Terms & Conditions


30% of the total cost of your rentals is due to reserve your rentals.


Our Terms & Conditions

DEPOSIT & PAYMENT- The client agrees and understands that a non-refundable deposit: 30% (+tax) of the total rental cost is due at the time of signing this contract. The remaining amount plus tax, is due one week (7 Days) prior to the time of pickup or delivery stated on the front of the contract determined by both parties. (Example: Friday rental pickups, the balance is due the previous Friday, the Thursday before is the final day to remove rentals) The client understands that if the payment isn’t taken that rentals will not be ready for the date stated on the front of this contract. The client also understands that by signing the quote, they agree to pay the 30% non-refundable deposit. Rental prices do NOT include tax, delivery, set-up, take-down or pick up. All prices are pre-taxed and subject to change without notice. For payment and security: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and AMX. See ‘CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY’ for forfeiting the deposit due to no communication.

*Deposits not paid within 14 days of the signed contract, results in the quote/contract being canceled. The client agrees to this and agrees to pay the deposit within 14 days. 


PICKUP OR RETURN OF RENTALS TIME AND LOCATION – See front of contract. Our warehouse is only open certain hours, please make sure you’re aware of the times as we can’t accept returns or send out rentals after a certain time.


QUANTITIES – The client can add or remove rentals up until 7 days before the agreed date. After the 7 days the client can still add rentals (depending on the availability) but can’t remove them. See cancellation policy for more. If the client removes any rentals after the deposit has been taken, a cancelation fee of 25% of the total amount of rentals being removed is due ONY if the client removes over 20 items (See cancellation for more) This applies to adding rentals as well, adding rentals after the deposit is paid, 30% of the total amount of new rentals being added is due to hold said rentals. Any rentals added and the 30% is not paid, those rentals will not be held. If the client received rentals that are damaged/not  working/incorrect amount etc, the client agrees to take full responsibility and to call us the day the rentals are picked up/delivered. You the client agrees to take responsibility to ensure all items are accounted for upon pick up, delivery, drop off and return. All damaged, lost or misuse of items will be the responsibility of the client. If The Ultimate Party and Rental Store is not made aware of any issues prior to returning rentals they can’t be held accountable for missing, damaged or issues with items as The Ultimate Party and Rental store isn’t present at the time of usage. 


RECEIVING/RETURNING RENTALS –The client is responsible for providing a proper vehicle and an appropriate person to assist with picking up their rentals. The client is also responsible for unloading upon return. If the client can’t be there for either one of these, the client is responsible to send another person for them that can assist in picking up or returning rentals. If The Ultimate Party & Rental Store’s employees assist in loading or unloading the goods, said client agrees to assume the risk of, and hold The Ultimate Party & Rental Store harmless for, any property damage or personal injuries, disability and/or death, including property damage, personal injury, disability and/or death attributable to the negligence of The Ultimate Party & Rental Store or its employees. Said client also assumes the risk if The Ultimate Party and Rental Store employees pack and/or assist with loading rentals, and if any equipment is damaged due to improperly securing equipment, reckless driving or any situation once the client has left 614 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, The Ultimate Party and Rental Store will not be at fault and the client listed on the contract will be liable for replacement costs, damage’s and/or costs to fix equipment. 


DELIVERY – The client agrees that delivery is door to door and also agrees that if said client needs their rentals moved to a certain location from the delivery drop off, a $35+tax (per person, per hour) setup charge will be added onto the contract. The Ultimate Party & Rental Store will also contact the client the week prior of the rental to confirm details. The full balance MUST be paid before the selected delivery date can be made. If The Ultimate Party & Rental Store attempts to call the client and there is no response/answer and the balance isn’t paid the delivery will NOT be completed. 


CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY - Once rental items have been delivered to the event location or the client has picked up their rentals from The Ultimate Party & Rental Stores location at 614 Sackville Drive the client agrees that all items are the sole responsibilities of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all items are accounted for, upon pick up, delivery, drop off and return. If any chairs, tables, tents, dance floor (all pieces) Cotton Candy machines, dishes get returned dirty, the client agrees to pay cleaning fees starting at $30+tax. Other rentals may apply to these fees. Please see us for more details. Linen laundering is included in the rental fees. See below for damage info for linens. Said client also agrees that if there is no communication ie: we’ve called and/or emailed, with no response from said client within 1 year, the client therefore forfeits this contract. Deposits or any amount paid will also be non-refundable. 


DAMAGES – If items are returned damaged, not returned at all or client loses The Ultimate Party & Rental Stores rentals the client agrees to pay replacement costs of said rentals or repair fees as determined by The Ultimate Party & Rental Store which will be charged directly to the credit card on file. The client agrees to pay all reasonable collection, solicitor’s and court fees and other expenses involved in the collection of the charges or enforcement of The Ultimate Party & Rental Stores rights under this contract. Damaged items are, but not limited to: holes/burn marks in linens, stains in linens, rentals returned with missing parts, rentals dented/broken or returned un-rentable etc. The contracted client will be informed of the replacement cost before the credit card is charged either by email or phone. Any disputes must be dealt within 30 days from the event stated on the contract, after 30 days the contract is then voided. See ‘RECEIVING/RETURING RENTALS’ for information on damages due to improperly securing equipment.

 CANCELLATION/HOLD POLICY –  The client agrees and understands that refunds are NOT issued for rental items returned unused. The client also agrees and understands that due to the limited supply of rentals, orders canceled one week (7 days) or less from the booked date, will be charged the FULL rental amount on said client's credit card that is on file. If said client decides to remove rentals that are already on the signed contract attached, they understand that there is a 25% cancelation fee on each item removed if said client removes over 20+ rentals. Removing less than 20 rentals, the fee is WAVED. If said client puts this contract on ‘hold’ due to COVID-19 they have up to 1 years from the original date to select a new date for their reserved rentals. If a rental is overbooked, The Ultimate Party & Rental Store will offer a substitute rental of equal value. If the weather is a factor, the client only has until 7 days prior to the event date stated on the front of this contract to cancel or reschedule before receiving any money paid back EXCEPT the non-refundable deposit.  


PROHIBITED USES –The client agrees and understands that the following prohibited uses constitute a breach of contract: (a) Improper, and unintended use or misuse, (b) Use by anyone other than lessee, (c) Use at any other location than the address submitted by the lessee, (d) Leaving rentals outside unattended and/or in harmful weather conditions (Rain, Wind etc) the client agrees to assume the risks of and shall indemnify and hold The Ultimate Party & Rental Store harmless against any injury, disability and/or death of the client's agents, servants or employees or any person and damages to property caused by the use, operation, handling or transportation of the equipment during the rental period. Regarding machinery left on our premises, we are not responsible for loss or damage in case of fire, extreme weather, theft or any cause beyond our control.


PICK UP AND RETURN OF RENTAL ITEMS –The client agrees that the rentals are to be returned on the agreed due back date and time stated on the front of this contract. The client also agrees that if rentals are returned late it will result in extra day(s) rental fees starting at $10+tax a day. If items are returned, and there are missing rentals the client then has 24 hrs to find and return these items. If items are not located the client agrees to be charged the replacement cost of the rental/s lost. 


THURSDAY EARLY PICKUP INFO - If said client needs to pick up weekend rentals on a Thursday, they can be picked up between 9 am – 4 pm for a flat rate of $20+tax, the client agrees to let The Ultimate Party & Rental Store know 72 hrs prior to the Thursday as this will ensure the rental is ready in time, anything less than 72hours The Ultimate Party and Rental Store can’t guarantee the equipment would be ready in time. 


SERVICES – The client stated on the front of this contract assumes the liability of any Ultimate Party and Rental Store staff onsite of the venue also stated on this contract. The said client is required to submit a list and/or photos of what is required 5 days or more prior to the date stated on this contract. The Ultimate Party and Rental Store will supply up to four decorators onsite depending on what is required or what service is being reserved. The Ultimate Party and Rental Store reserves one setup and/or teardown per weekend to ensure our clients get all of our attention. If another wedding is postponed to the same weekend as the reservation on this contract, The Ultimate Party and Rental Store will due their best to accommodate both. Hanging of décor from ceilings, including but not limited to: café lights, ceiling kits, hanging décor etc is not included in any of our setup/teardown packages. 


FORCE MAJEURE - The Ultimate Party and Rental Store shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligation under this Agreement if prevented from doing so by a cause or causes beyond its control,

including without limitation, acts of God, failure of Vendors to perform, weather conditions, fire, floods earthquakes, sudden injury or illness, war and restraints of government (an ‘Act of God”), epidemic and/or pandemic.

 SPECIAL ORDERED RENTALS – The client understands that any rentals that are ordered in specially for them (coloured tablecloths, linens etc) that there are no refunds or changes allowed to said items as these have been ordered in for said client. By signing this contract the client agrees that the colour, size and or rental is the correct rental they requested. Changing colours, sizes, or rentals may result in extra rental fees. 

*As of Jan 1st, 2022