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Super E Foam Machine


Perfect for Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions and More.



Is set-up complicated?

It takes one person five minutes to set up and create foam.

What is the powder solution made of?

The powder solution is a surfactant blend.  Surfactant is strictly a foaming agent you find in your shampoo, shaving cream and bubble bath.  The difference is there aren’t any additives for cleaning or scent.

Is the solution harmful?

The solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment.  It is strictly a foaming agent.

Does the solution leave stains?


How do I clean the foam area when I’m done?

It evaporates if any foam is still hanging around spray the area with water.

Is the foam slippery?

The foam when mixed properly is as slippery as water.

Where do I set it up?

It is recommended for the grass or under a covered patio. Perfect for 19FT x 19FT areas. 

Does it hurt grass, eyes or skin?

It does NOT hurt grass, eyes or skin more than plain water. 

The Super E Foam Machine

The Super E Foam Machine is great for birthday parties, music festivals, water parks, summer camps, resorts, and much more!

With the hanging bracket attached, this foam machine only weighs 13 pounds.

It fills a 19 ft x 19 ft square foam pit to four feet in under three minutes with powder foam or liquid foam.


Super E Foam Machine Instruction Videos

Set Up of Machine with 20L Pail (No Pump) 

Full Machine How-to Set Up

How to Mix Powder and Use Submersible Pump


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