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Fundraise with Us!

Oh, and it's FREE!

Read below for more info on our new program. 

Here is how it will work!

Oh, and it's completely FREE!

Little League Baseball Game

The Ultimate Party & Rental Store is excited to be offering a helping hand to local area teams, schools, charities, and other non-profit organizations to raise fund for their worthy causes.

Program is for non-profit organizations only.

To Get Started:

  • Drop off, fax or email our application (click here to request one)

  • We will connect with the contact person listed on the application.

  • The contact person will receive confirmation through email or by phone.

  • A poster will be provided to help promote your fundraiser


Once the Program Starts:

  • Every $10 spent in store by participating customers, $1 will be donated to your fundraiser program at the end of your fundraiser.

  • A form will be lept at the counter to keep track of all purchases assigned to your fundraiser event.

  • Once the fundraiser has ended a total of the purchases will be recorded and the amount raised will be paid to the fundraiser contact person.

  • The more you promote the more money you make for your fundraiser.

It's THAT easy! Want to apply? Email us HERE today!

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