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Keeping You, Your Wedding Guests and Our Staff Safe During COVID-19

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

No matter what Wedding it is, there's always something that doesn't go smoothly, in 2020 apparently that is all Weddings. COVID-19 isn't helping anyone out and we're here to let you know that we're still here and operating as normal with added safety protocols. Whether the guest count allowance is a factor or your venue has changed due to being closed, we can help you through these stressful and scary times.

Cleaning Rentals: Our rentals are always cleaned prior to leaving and as soon as they have returned, what's different now is we've increased our cleaning products to disinfectants to protect our employees and our clients. This disinfectant is used to eliminate viruses like HIV, Polio virus and many others, it's environmentally friendly as well. For more information visit this link, if you'd like to purchase some please contact Eastern Building Cleaners.

Deliveries & Pickups: For our deliveries, you'll see our crew wearing gloves and/or masks depending on the environment we're going into. They will also respect social distancing with contactless delivery, and we will drop your equipment off in a safe area.

Setups: Our team is fully ready to help you set up your wedding, with respecting social distancing protocols and NS Health guest allowances, our staff will have gloves and masks on during all times. This will be in effect until further notice. Social Distancing will also be fully in effect. If you require other protocols, please don't hesitate to ask before we arrive and we will try to accommodate all to keep us all safe.

In-store rental meetings: When you arrive you will see our hand sanitizing station, we ask that all clients entering our location uses this before entering. Masks are required. If you're wearing gloves we ask that you please replace them with a new pair, we also have gloves and masks on hand for anyone who may need them.

As much as you've heard this before, it's true. We're all in this together, Weddings and events can still happen, it may not be how you dreamed but we will work together to bring the safest and memorable event possible.

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