Top 2021 Wedding Theme

With 2020 wrapping up (Thank god!) 2021 is full steam ahead with Weddings. Whether you're re-thinking your current Wedding theme or still undecided you need to see this new 2021 Wedding Theme, Botanical.

Think greenery and gold or rose gold accents...

The best part about this theme is you can use it for a Bridal shower theme or Wedding Theme. Both the colours and decorations work for either!

Geometric Centerpieces are in, whether you're using gold or rose gold they may actually be one of the easiest centerpieces ever!

All you need to do is put your greenery, flowers, or candles inside the domes and you're done!

View our Geometric centerpieces here

Using colored cutlery also makes your table place settings POP.

View our gold cutlery here

View our charcoal/pewter tablecloths here