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Backdrops! Instructions on How to setup Pipe & Drape

Whether you've rented a 10ft or 30ft, these instructions will help anyone setup their backdrops in minutes.

Step 1: Layout all your pieces

Open your pipe & drape bag and make sure you have all your pieces. If you've rented from us and you've rented the standard backdrop packages, here's what you should have.

10FT Pipe & Drape

2 - Poles

1 - Cross Bar

2 - Bases

4 - Sheers

20FT Pipe & Drape

3 - Poles

2 - Cross Bars

3 - Bases

8 - Sheers

30FT Pipe & Drape

4 - Poles

3 - Cross Bars

4 - Bases

12 - Sheers

Not sure what pieces are what? Keep scrolling to see what each piece should look like.

Pipe & Drape Poles:

Pipe & Drape Cross Bars:

Pipe & Drape Bases:

Have all your pieces? Let's get to Step 2: Setting up your Pipe & Drape

a) Place all your bases out, you can adjust these if you're not sure how long the cross bar will stretch. Placing it behind a head table? Use 2ft per person to assume the size you'll need.

b) Slide your Poles onto the nubs of the bases. If your base nub seems loose, just tighten the screw at the bottom.

By this point, you can move around your bases & poles to see if they're far enough apart.

c) Extend or stretch out your cross bars between the poles. Once they're the appropriate length, start sliding your sheers on your cross bars.

Four sheers per cross bar!

Need it thicker? Add some extra sheers to your backdrop!

Now that your Pipe & Drape is standing, fluff up your sheers and see if you need to raise your poles. Remember, anything above 8FT is too tall and a risk if knocked over.

Extra Steps

Did you rent lighted curtains too? Then you have a few extra pieces.

Extenders & additional Cross bars.

Extenders are metal claw like pieces that stick inside the top of each pole. These will be used to hold your cross bar in front of the standard one you've already setup in part 2.

Once the extenders are in, repeat the same steps that you did in step 2, once that's finished it should look something like this.

*Tip: Putting the lighted curtains in behind will make your backdrop look even more like fairy lights.

Questions? Give us a call 902.869.1313!

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