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Keeps beer and wine COLD!

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Keep your beer or wine kegs cold with our portable Kegerator.


Bistro Bar offers convenience when you need it while providing style with its good looks. Set-up is a breeze and storage is even easier.

Portable/Mobile & Durable

  • Mobility – Bistro Bar may transport kegs of all sizes.

  • Durability – Use high density polyethylene to support weights up to 200 lbs.


  • Ease of load – Reduce height of load to 17 inches.

  • Easy Setup – Setup time within 10 minutes.

  • Storage – Collapse unit to only 27″ inches and allows stacking up to 9 feet reducing storage space and fits into compact cars such as a Toyota Corolla.

  • Dispensing – Convenient beer/soda dispensing.

  • Wheels - To easily move around or to the spot needed


  • Temperature – Reduce amount of ice used and maintain temperature of keg to 36-40 degrees F.

  • How to get beer out? - Ubertap foot pump to conveniently begin dispensing beer just like you would with the traditional hand pumps.

  • Aesthetics – Good looks to display at graduations or corporate events.


  • Wide (on outside) at table top & bottom = 27″ inches; wide at mid-section = 23″ inches

  • Width (on inside) at table top & bottom = 25″ inches; wide at mid-section = 21″ inches

  • Tall = 40″ inches;

Want to see how easy it is?

Watch the setup video: Click Here!

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